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Yo' It's Our Story!


Poor old Major Tom. He popped his protein pills and took a long, hard look at the Earth and felt utterly powerless to do anything to help it. Granted, it’s a big ask. Especially for one man, floating in a tin can.

Think about it though; if everyone, everywhere, each did a bit, even just a little bit, then Planet Earth wouldn’t be so blue, would it? It would be considerably more … green.



bringYO was founded by Jo Berry, a small biz owner and serial ideas woman (and long-time Bowie fan), because she  wanted to do her little bit to help planet Earth feel less blue.

What began as a niggly, inkling of an idea, very quickly ended up a huge, all-consuming itchy mofo of a plan. You know the kind of itch that can’t be ignored? The kind that won’t go away? Yeah, like that. Annoying as.

So, by day, Jo worked with her husband Tony, fighting the War on Waste, at Tidy Up, their Perth-based rubbish removal and recycling business. Then, by night, she burnt the midnight oil, immersing herself in the grubby world of single use plastic bags. She made it her quest to find an equivalent, reusable bag of quality. One that would seamlessly replace the evil little mongrels that are doing such a fine job of choking our planet.

It took 12 months of hard slog, but Jo did it. There was definitely tears of joy when the first delivery of bringYO bags arrived on her doorstop. And she may or may not have hugged that stack of shipping boxes.

Since that day bringYO bags have been shipped all over Australia ... from Queensland to Tassie to the far North West of WA ... and pretty much everywhere in between. Jo's commitment to do her little bit for Planet Earth hasn't wavered. She's on a mission. Because there is no Planet B.



Lyric credit: David Bowie, Space Oddity