$5.00 Flat Rate Postage // FREE Postage on Orders of $60.00 or more



How long will my order take to arrive?
When you place your order, we will despatch it to you within 2 working days via Australia Post. We’ve chosen to use their tracked Parcel Post service. How long it takes to get to you, depends on where you live. If you’re in WA, it will take up to 2 days. If you’re over on the east coast, it may take up to 7 working days from the time we hand it over to the Postie.


I can’t wait! Can you send my order to me any quicker?
Sure we can. For an additional $5 we can upgrade your order to Australia Post's Express Post service. Simply select the Express Post upgrade option at checkout. (BTW … we LOVE that you can’t wait to get our little bags in your hot little hands!)


Can you send bringYO reusable shopping bags overseas?
Yes, we can. We’d love to know our little bags are being used (and reused) overseas. As international shipping costs vary so much though (depending on where you are in the world), PLEASE CONTACT US BEFORE YOU PLACE YOUR ORDER. We’ll work out the best and safest way to get your bags to you at the best possible price.


Do my bringYO bags come with a guarantee?
Yes, they most certainly do! Our bags are covered by a 60 day manufacturer’s guarantee. We are sticklers for quality, so in the unlikely event there is a problem with one of your bags, please contact us straight away and we’ll be in touch as a matter of priority to sort it out for you.


Can I wash my bringYO reusable shopping bags?
Abso-freakin-lutely you can! This was a non-negotiable feature when we were searching for the right material for bringYO bags. They had to be washable to ensure they stay hygienic. All you have to do is turn the bag inside out, and pop it into your washing machine on a gentle, cold wash, with a little bit of mild washing powder or liquid (please don't use any strong / harsh cleaning products.) Then just hang them out to air dry (which will take seconds.) The full care instructions can be found on the back of the bright yellow tag on the front of every bringYO bag.


How much can I fit in a bringYO bag?
The short answer is, more than you’d be prepared to carry! The volume of a bringYO bag is around 12 litres. They have undergone (and passed) rigorous stress testing using differing weights of between 6kg and 12kg. Our Chief Bag Lady, Jo, wanted to test the strength of the bags, so she loaded one up with far too much weight for her to normally carry comfortably. While she struggled to carry it any distance, it definitely didn’t blow out! Seriously though, you’ll find you’ll fit a whole lot more in a bringYO bag than you ever did in a single-use plastic bag. So don't be afraid to pack them well. They’ll cope. Just - please - make sure they're comfortable for you to carry. Look after your back!


Are bringYO bags made out of recycled plastic bottles?
No they’re not. They are made from tough, durable polyester fabric (it feels a bit like parachute material.) Our original vision was to manufacture bringYO bags using rPET fabric, which is made from recycled drink bottles. We found though that rPET is expensive. Our mission was to create a bag that would seamlessly replace the single-use plastic bags we’re all used to. It had to be robust and affordable and washable and reusable, over and over and over again x hundreds. rPET didn’t fit the affordable part of the brief. rPET would have increased the cost per bag considerably. When you need 4 – 12 bags to successfully complete a weekly family shop, rPET wasn’t feasible cost-wise. Which is why we didn’t go with it.


Are bringYO bags manufactured in Australia?
Unfortunately, no they’re not. Manufacturing bringYO bags in Australia would make the price per bag far too expensive. Our bringYO reusable shopping bags are manufactured in China, which we know has a bit of a dodgy reputation around the traps. That’s why we were very careful to select a manufacturing factory that is regularly audited for its ethical practice, to ensure it is adhering to local and international labour laws and working conditions.


Do you drop ship bringYO bag orders?
No way! All bringYO stock is held here at bringYO HQ in Perth. We definitely don't pass your contact details on to anyone else for order fulfilment / shipping. Everything is handled here by Team bringYO.